Prevent tooth decay from the details of the start

Dental decay occurs most unhealthy children, children like candy food, if excessive intake of high sugar content, the residues likely to remain in the oral cavity, these residues react with the saliva to generate acids, acid would directly undermine the tooth structure.

Now a high degree of fine food, and most of the sugar in food, children in particular like to eat snacks, most children have no immediate mouth habits. So after a period of time, decay also appeared.

In addition, the children are obvious symptoms of tooth decay will take some time, so Mom and Dad is not easy to find, dental caries, the teeth generally have the appearance to one year, while the horizontal tooth will need Dental Reviews 1 – 2 years to find , tooth decay can not be easily found in the incubation period, and some children do not like to pay attention to lifestyle and health habits, thus exacerbating the appearance of tooth decay. “” “Click Consulting Online Experts

Prevent tooth decay from the details of the start, how to prevent tooth decay?

1, the establishment of good oral hygiene habits

Should always maintain oral hygiene, to master the correct method of brushing, so that mouthwash after meals, morning and evening brushing, regular replacement of toothbrushes, floss thoroughly clean teeth of food residue.

2, the correct brushing angle and action

Tilt the brush 45 degrees, pressure on the teeth and gums between the bristles into the gingival sulcus and as much as possible How to protect tooth decay between the teeth, then brush along the teeth and gently rotate the brush shaft, do not force too much, according to the order of each tooth are to brush, brush every three minutes.

3, to reduce the frequency of eating sugary foods

Because there are many bacteria accumulate in the teeth and gums edge, will produce acid bacteria use sugar, erosion of teeth, causing tooth decay. The best snacks between meals are fresh fruits, vegetables, milk, juice, cookies or walnuts, chestnuts and popcorn and other food.

If the number of times a day to eat well should be controlled at 1-2 times, and should also control the amount of sugar or the mouth for too long, not only limits the chemical substances in saliva on bacterial acid production and the role, will contribute to the mouth bacteria. Likely to cause bad breath and the formation of dental caries.

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  1. The major causes of cavities or periodontal abscess are mainly the consequence of a lack of dental hygiene and the consumption of refined sugars which favour the formation of bacteria and acids.

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