Professional Denture Repair vs. Denture Repair Kit

You call in professionals when you have plumbing problems. Electric wiring giving you some troubles at home? You get the services of an electrician. You can’t trust yourself to fix these things perfectly because you know it might be dangerous and you are not fully trained in fixing wires and mending broken pipes. Then why should your denture be any different? Your denture demands as much professional care as anything else.

Broken dentureYou might need to repair dentures for several reasons. They might break, or the denture tooth might chip and come off loose when the dentures fall into the sink during cleaning. Even a short fall can cause some damage to your dentures. Eating hard food or candy can also damage them.

Denture repair labs are the last option on some people’s list coming after do-it-yourself dentures repair kit. Home repair kit might be handy when your denture breaks a tooth or two and you have an urgent meeting ortrip coming. While it does fix the problem, it is only a very temporary solution. No denture repair glue can repair your denture with the perfection that professional denture repair service can.

Overglued dentureFixing denture by yourself will do more harm than good to dentures.  Many of the dentures repair kits contain resin, which does not fulfill dental-grade materials standards. So, unless you are an expert and you know what you are doing, hand it over to denture repair lab to fix your dentures and return it to you in no time.

In case of partial dentures, you can damage its metal framework if your try adjusting its metal clasps by yourself.

Some dentists offer free dentures repair as part of the dentures treatment. You might want to check with your dentist. However, dentists rarely fix dentures themselves. They send the dentures to denture repair lab for restoration! So, instead of going through a dentist, why not go to denture lab directly? It saves you money. Plus your dentist will take more time in returning you the dentures. A denture lab will provide same day denture repair .

Duplicate dentureDenture lab repairs broken dentures by utilizing dental grade acrylic so that they do not break along the breakage line in future. It makes them as strong as new.

In conclusion, do not attempt to self-repair dentures with glue or dental kits; instead use services of professional same day denture repair. Get your denture repaired right the first time!

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