Recurrent oral ulcers are very dangerous

Oral ulceration is a common symptom in daily life, a person’s life are more or less met. Typically, oral ulcers, rest, dietary adjustments, to maintain smooth stool and so self-healing, some patients only topical or take a few posts of Chinese medicine and healing, generally will not have serious adverse consequences on the whole body.

But even if one or more oral ulcers are recurrent to come and go, pain or ulcers associated with other parts, they should attach great importance to this recurrent ulcers is likely to be an immune disease – warning of Behcet’s disease signal.

Behcet’s disease known as Behcet’s syndrome, or eyes, mouth, genital syndrome. Clinical, oral ulcers, genital ulcers, iris and ciliary body inflammation triple disease are more common. Ocular symptoms diversity, performance, vision loss, blurred vision, eye pain, photophobia, tearing, foreign body sensation, and Adult orthodontic already pursuit of the public floaters, severe cases can lead to blindness. There are also eye of a needle reaction. If you lack the overall understanding of the disease, medical treatment will all symptoms were described to the doctors of different specialties, and often there will be a “headache medicine head, feet hurt the disease,” the situation, the loss of the opportunity to receive the best treatment options.

Behcet’s disease since ancient times, both men and women the disease, seen in all ages, more common after the age of 35, its occurrence is closely related to the development of immune dysfunction. Chinese medicine called “Fox and confusion, and pointed out that the” loss in the throat for the confusion, the eclipse at Yam Fox “. The incidence of this disease and liver and kidney deficiency, Yin deficiency, exogenous heat and other closely related, long, hot and humid, with blood Competing, wet, poison, silt mutual cementation, caused by the disease is recurrent and protraction.

Over the years, according to traditional Chinese medicine theory and clinical practice, acute exacerbation of Behcet’s disease and remission, in accordance with the different type of disease, respectively, to take the heat and detoxifying, clearing heat, detoxification tongmai, qi and yin, replenishing liver kidney and What circumstances suitable for dental implant other therapeutic methods, the results showed that Chinese medicine can not only control the recurrent ulcers, and can regulate immune function.

In addition, according to the disease small lesions, disease shallow, the use of Xileisan ice boron, Cork and Asarum into powder and local blowing deposited, such as honeysuckle, licorice decoction mouth, wild chrysanthemum, Kochia scoparia flavescent and other the decoction bath Washing. Clinical practice has proved to the Chinese herb and Chinese Herbs Treatment of Behcet’s disease, ulcers seizure frequency, number of seizures and the majority of the degree of pain in a month or so has been alleviated; a few months to continue to give traditional Chinese medicine treatment can further control the disease.

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