Regular Dental Visits Are Crucial

Regular visits to your local dentist office are crucial to the maintaining of good health and proper oral care.  The fact of the matter is that brushing and flossing your teeth alone are not enough to prevent the tartar and plaque buildup that will eventually cause cavities and gum issues, as well as contributing to overall poor health as bacteria is able to enter the system from the mouth.  One of the main questions that can be answered is “why is a dentist visit necessary twice a year, and what happens at a dental visit.”

At your dental office visit you will be given a set of x-rays which will allow the dentist to see below the surface of your gums and get a better idea if there are any problems with the roots or bone that holds the teeth in place.  After assessing these x-rays, the dentist will then physically examine the inside of your mouth, looking for cavities, abnormalities, symptoms of cancer or disease, and other things.  If everything appears to be stable enough, the dentist will potentially discuss ways that your smile can be improved or enhanced in order to make your oral health better.  The dentist will also provide you with maintenance tips that will provide a more effective cleaning of your teeth between visits.

After the exam, the dentist or dental assistant will proceed to clean your teeth.  They will generally do either a regular or a “deep cleaning” based on the needs of your care.  A deep cleaning is much the same as a regular cleaning, only using instruments to go further below the gum line to remove buildup.  The teeth are scraped both above and below the gum lines in order to remove stick residue or plaque and tartar, then are polished with gentle abrasion that will smooth the surfaces or the teeth and whiten them.  The entire exam and cleaning process will generally take less than an hour.

Regular visits to the dentist are crucial not only because it is quite difficult to keep your teeth clean enough on your own to prevent problems, but also for the reason that a dental exam can reveal potential problems in their early stages, before they have progressed enough to be a major issue.  Early detection provides you with a far better chance of solving potential issues, and regular dental visits can provide that early detection.

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