Regularly to see infants six months of age from tooth

Children should be in 6 months to 1 year old begins to grow between the teeth, teeth all grow before the age of 3. Teeth before and after the time differences, the law is not obvious, and some teeth into the night about 1 year old child should start long before the first tooth. The child’s eight front teeth grow, the posterior teeth start to grow. Latest from the start to a child six months of age, children can see the first dentist, so you can better understand their children’s dental growth and development.

When the teeth, permanent teeth?

About the development of each tooth to say, there are three periods: that is growing, calcification and eruption phase period. The first time after birth is called deciduous teeth grow, after the permanent teeth is called the Dental Reviews second permanent teeth grow. Whether the time teething, you can measure the child’s health or not, you can probably understand the situation of the child’s bone development. Children develop good bone, a tooth in a timely manner, fine quality teeth; poor bone development, teething delay, poor quality teeth.

The time the child has teeth are already late, the first teeth early can be a four months there, and some born with teeth. Late in the 10 months before the eruption. There is a sequence of teeth, usually in about six months before the two “under the front teeth”, 1 year and a half out of 12 teeth, the teeth on 2 years and a half out together, and a total of 20. If a tooth late, to 1 year and a half has not teeth, or teeth out in reverse order, this is not normal circumstances, may be related rickets or cretinism. Permanent teeth normally start at around the age of 6. Behind the first in the primary teeth around the upper and lower teeth grow 4, called the first molars, also known as age six teeth. Teeth began to fall off at the same time in order to finish off another 12 years of age, have grown incisors, premolars, canines, second molars (12 teeth), a total of 28 to 17 years of age, third molar (wisdom tooth ) grow 32 teeth also a Qi.

The growth of children’s teeth regularly it?

The vast majority of infants born without teeth. Normal children from birth to 6 to 7 months starting from the eruption of primary teeth can be seen, a few can be as early as 4 months of birth or born 10 months later to teething. Birth Difficult tooth eruption to 12 months if not longer teeth, teething delay was common in hypothyroidism (cretinism), such as malnutrition and rickets in children.

The teeth of the rule is: First, the lower central incisors, and then out on the central incisors – the upper and lower lateral incisors – the first molars – one canine – the second molars.

Normal children to the age of 2 to 2.5 out of 20 teeth together, 6 to 7 years old permanent teeth start to grow and replace the teeth. First permanent molar teeth, also known as days of age, we need to protect, not any removal, because the pull ceases to grow.

Infants under 2 years the total number of deciduous teeth, according to projections -6 months, for example, about 1 year old when the number of teeth is 12-6 = 6 (only), of course, at this time the number of teeth may also have individual differences, and some only 4 to 5, some up to 7 ~ 8, are normal.

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