Rest Assured: the Power of Dental Restoration

Whether you have chipped your tooth or have a cavity, our teeth can encounter a variety of issues that can cause serious pain or discomfort. Poor diet and frugal brushing can lead teeth to decay or loosen over time. Having a healthy, bright smile is one of the most important factors in building up self-esteem and establishing a great first impression with others. So when the time comes to visit your Austin dentist to take care of the pain and discomfort that you may feel in your mouth, it is important to understand the actions Austin dental care professionals will take if dental restoration is necessary.

Dental restoration encompasses various facets of cosmetic dentistry and refers to the act of strengthening, filling, or completely replacing any teeth that are damaged. This can be as routine as a filling for a cavity or as complex as completely replacing a tooth. With the cutting edge technologies and procedures offered by your Austin cosmetic dentist, the anxiety that many people experience when visiting the dentist for advanced dental care is eliminated.

There are two kinds of preparation that dentists may perform when a patient needs cosmetic dentistry, depending on the circumstance. The first type is intracoronal preparation, which the crown or tooth is readied to hold the replacement or filling. Extracoronal preparation refers to the base around which the tooth or restorative material will be placed.

Dental restorations usually fall in one of two categories: direct or indirect restorations. Direct restoration involves a single day procedure where a dentist uses a soft filling to renovate a tooth. An indirect restoration refers to applying dental impressions (i.e. ceramic molds) to the prepared tooth or teeth.  Common indirect procedures include cosmetic dental veneers, ceramic crowns and bridges, as well as denture fitting and molding. Cosmetic smile makeovers allow your family, friends, and yourself enjoy the beautiful, shining smile you have always wanted. Because everyone deserves the opportunity to be proud of their smile, discount dental programs and discount dental care options are always available.

Located in Central Austin, 38th Street Dental is a conservative general and family dental practice. Not old school, old fashioned, or out-dated, Dr. Meek and Dr. Tasch are high tech dentists with advanced training in dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, and advanced restorative care. We do not focus solely on cosmetics and you will not be subjected to high-pressure consultation tactics that can make going to the dentist uncomfortable. 38th Street Dental understands that not having dental insurance may make trips to the dentist uncomfortable, so they offer their Gold Plan discount dental program. From dental hygiene services to advanced cosmetic dental veneers and dental restorations, 38th Street Dental looks forward to working with you to improve your dental health.

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