Role of Gold in Investment

Today Gold prices in Mumbai rose to a new high it’s over RS. 24, 000 per 10 gram. The gold price in Mumbai can be anywhere from one-half to one and one-half percent lower relatively to other main cities in India. Though it is good news for investors in the yellow metal but it is bad news for those who setting up their budget to buy the gold jewelry. Indians gives gold a very special attention without gold their occasion remains incomplete especially the wedding ceremony, Diwali fest and other special occasion.  Many of the people thought that the buying gold is the best investment option.

Numerous of Indian families have stored their wealth in the form of Gold jewelry. It is long-term investment assets. Why people prefer to invest in gold? The returns are usually high and above all gold is a very famous ornament. In the past, gold was only the thing limited for by jewelry segment, now people are greatly investing in gold but by keeping different aspects in the mind like investment and speculation demand. Investment in gold is not as simple as it seems. One needs to be very cautious while investing in gold because unlike stock or other markets you don’t have the choice of investing a small amount. Do lots of research is must and should have the enough knowledge about the current market scenario.   The gold prices will never stay stable it constantly fluctuate without giving any alert.

Gold is a precious and prestigious asset people even hoard it and the demand and the gold price could increase drastically during inflation. The people are eagerly to buy gold even the gold prices will reach to the peak due to the some traditional sentiments they are ready to pay any price for it. But to buy the gold now it is not possible for every common man. If you are planning for buying the gold from the investment point of view then avoid to buying the designer jewelry or diamond sets and try to buy the gold biscuits and bars because it will give you more profit at the time of selling.

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