Root Canal Treatment – Important Thing You Need to Know

Root canal treatment or endodontic treatment is a procedure that’s executed on a tooth when the nerve gets injured, infected or dies away. The surgeon can also perform this procedure on a broken tooth so that it clears up any possible infection and properly build up the tooth structure. When cavities of cracks form on a tooth, they let bacteria enter the chamber of the tooth that’s filled with blood vessels and nerves. Both these inside the tooth are called the pulp and once it gets infected, it’s essential to get rid of the eliminated pulp for saving the tooth. The individual having this infection or abscess of the pulp can cause severe pain, swelling and sensitivity. If the abscess is extremely small or the nerve has died in the tooth, the person might observe no pain at all. The benefit that this procedure has is, it saves the tooth that otherwise might have to be taken out due to infection or structural damage.

Are there any other Options Available?

There’s very little chance to save the tooth in case the pulp becomes infected. If you want to refrain from this procedure then you need to go for extraction. It’s important that you opt for the appropriate treatment every single time.

How is this Procedure Executed?

This procedure is carried out in the following steps:

Your dentist examines the tooth and takes an X-ray
He then administers local anesthesia to the surrounding gums
The surgeon then places a rubber dam around the tooth to prevent bacteria from your mouth from getting inside the exposed chamber of the tooth.
After this the tooth is drilled so that the infected pulp gets exposed
The dentist then cautiously cleans out the infected pulp of the tooth with the help of an extremely small and specialized dental instruments
After he removes the infected pulp, the canal which is now empty and chamber of the tooth will be sterilized
The last step involves filling and sealing the tooth with either a temporary or permanent filling

What’s the cost?

It’s a known fact that a root canal treatment in Pune can prove to be really long and complex and thus you need to make sure that you are prepared to shell out a good amount of money. It can prove to be quite expensive as there are lots of procedures involved.

Treatment + Restoration/Crown

A permanent restoration can take place only after the root canal treatment gets completed and there’s no infection. The surgeon then executes the after care procedure of the tooth and sends the impressions of the tooth for the crown to the dental laboratory. A few days will be needed for the completion of the crown and you will again have to visit the surgeon to have it cemented on the tooth. It generally takes about a week to complete this procedure with post/core and the crown provided a minor root canal is required by the infected teeth. If there are more serious infections, particularly if you don’t take any antibiotics before arrival, it could take up to 2 weeks for the entire process to be completed.
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John had to get his root canal treatment done due to infection in his teeth. He visited Dr. Pharande’s clinic where he underwent a root canal treatment in Pune, wherein he was quite impressed with the quality of dental treatment service and modern equipments.

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