Solving dental problems through laser treatment

The introduction of Laser technology has revolutionized the ways patients of various problems and diseases can be treated. It has proved to be one of the most efficient and effective forms of treatment now-a-days. Let us see some of the most availed dental treatments through the use of Laser.


Gum diseases can be treated effectively through Laser Periodontal Therapy also known as the Laser Gum Treatment. This procedure follows a very high tech approach which replaces the process of cutting of the gum tissue with a scalpel and it does not require any stitches. This process enables an easy recovery of the patient suffering from any kind of gum disease without any kind of bleeding, it preserves the gum tissue, reduces root exposure and sensitivity. The cost of the treatment is also very reasonable compared to the traditional gum surgery. The problems of the gum that require Laser disinfection process are mild gum disease like gingivitis or re-infected areas of the gum diseases. Bad breath or halitosis which are the basic problems occurred because of these infections can be eradicated with this process. This low cost laser disinfection process also allows the treatment without the use of anesthesia.


Cutterage is the process by which the infected gum areas will be disinfected using a beam of controlled light brings energy inside the periodontal pockets. Bacteria and viruses will be destroyed using the controlled beam of heat and light sterilizes the affected area. This beam is used to sterilize the area and remove the affecting bacteria or virus. It is also used to block the bacteria and virus from further infecting the blood vessels and tissues surrounding the treated area.




Root canal treatment is one of the dental procedures in which lasers are used extensively. Most dental hospitals use the form of Laser in the root canal treatment which is form of Endodontic treatment. The main advantage of this Laser form of treatment for root canal is that it preserves the most of the tooth structure regardless of the intensity of the damage or treatment. <a href=””>Dentists</a> have their task of root canal treatment simplified with the introduction of Laser in this treatment.


This process is one of the most availed dental services now-a-days. It is a very advanced dental technique in order to increase the length of the tooth or a bone for those who have relatively low size of the teeth. Laser treatment reduces the bleeding during surgery and also the time of operation, eliminating the process of stitching and other complications.


One kind of lasers known as Diode Lasers is used to treat oral ulcers. The otherwise painful treatment is cured simply with the diode lasers and the time of treatment is also relatively less.

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