Some important details about the Invisalign

Who would not want to flash a charming and a radiant smile and brighten up the day for all around him or her? For that special radiant smile, you require a healthy set of teeth that is also aligned just perfectly. Only a cosmetic dentist will be able to advise and provide you with the detailed information about how to improve the health of your teeth and also what is the most effective way of correcting a faulty setting of the teeth.

In the previous days, alignment of the teeth was quite a painful process and it was also a very time consuming one. The metal braces were used widely for correcting the alignment of the teeth. It is needless to mention that it took many months for the results to show and until that day, the wearer had to go around with the metal braces locked on to his or her teeth. The invisalign Boston came into existence and did away with all the discomfort and the ugliness of the metal braces finally.

If you are wondering what Invisalign is, it is an aligner that is fitted into the patient’s jaw. It is a type of orthodontic equipment that is custom designed as per the specifications of the patient’s teeth. When it gets fitted into the teeth of the patient, it slowly moves the teeth to their desired position.

As a part of the treatment process, it must be worn for at least 20 hours a day for at least two weeks at a stretch. Then this alignment is changed for new equipment. It takes around a year to show the results and thus you might need around 20 or 30 such aligner equipments. And it is also important to get to an experienced cosmetic dentist Boston to get these aligner fitted into the teeth in the right manner.

If you are wondering how the invisalign can be of any help to you, it has a variety of functionality. It can cure and correct a lot of dental problems. But only a cosmetic dentist will be able to determine the correct mode of treatment that will serve the right purpose for your teeth setting. Some of the problems that can be rectified with the help of the Invisalign are the crowded teeth, gaps between teeth, cross bite, protruding teeth, and over bite.

The invisalign is preferred by a lot of dentists all over the world since the metal braces have a lot of disadvantage and is considered quite unhygienic as well. Usually a metal brace is fixed over the teeth and are not supposed to be removed until the treatment is over. The metal braces are affixed tightly on the teeth and it can be quite painful for the wearer as he will not be able to loosen it at his will. And the biggest disadvantage of the metal braces is that the parts of the teeth that are covered with the braces cannot be brushed properly and thus your mouth will not be properly cleaned. It is surely an unhygienic procedure.

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