Some notes on the orthodontic

Orthodontics usually needs to wear two years of braces, period pain, teeth weakness, can only eat soft things. If the tooth is not very ugly, the proposal is still not as good. If you must do, to have to eat more than three and a half years of suffering psychological preparation. Remove the braces, but also to wear one and a half years to 2 years of retainer. Will eventually rebound some, but the face will be improved.

The best corrected time the permanent teeth fully grown which is a teenager. The older, the Orthodontic the longer the longer wear the retainer.

Orthodontic before, it is recommended first thorough scaling, because of the relatively easy during orthodontic teething stones.

Wearing braces, brushing your teeth is very convenient, easy to residual health corners, so that the plaque to breed lead to dental caries, but also more long-tartar. Clinical many people during orthodontic tooth decay. Orthodontic period, require special attention to oral hygiene. Is strongly recommended that: in orthodontics during each meal to the use of fluoride mouthwash, can effectively remove the dead ends of Health and tartar to enhance tooth texture. Do not use drugs to mouthwash. Use high-quality fluoride toothpaste.

Take off the braces, but also a thorough scaling.

Note: wear to keep is very, very critical. Braces more painful, and remove the braces, people feel very comfortable from the shackles of ideology, but do not effect, to take off the braces put on retainer. 8 to 10 months is important to all-day wearing the retainer, taken down only when brushing your teeth. Then every evening wear during the day and do not have to wear, and then adhere to the 12. If the strict wearing a retainer, the degree of rebound can accept them. Note: time than the Whitening advantages and disadvantages doctor said that wearing a retainer for a long time, if the doctor said the first half all-day wear, you need the first nine months of all-day wear. Some people even have to wear retainer for life.

Orthodontics, does not affect the use of texture of the teeth, gums will not shrink, and the teeth are not loose.

Incisors irregular, you can do orthodontics. The child’s permanent tooth is long and full is the most appropriate time, is a teenager. Adults can do, but the older, the longer time required. Strongly do not recommend to do Tooth whitening new ideas porcelain teeth. Dental porcelain teeth should be worn away more than half, to the artificial crown fitted, so the taste is far less than real teeth. You are young, the teeth would also like to be with you for decades. Of the times to answer is unclear, the front tooth is not good to use, will obviously affect your quality of life.

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