Surgical treatment of periodontitis can it?

The treatment of periodontitis, including periodontal treatment, drug treatment of periodontitis, periodontal surgery and other aspects. Periodontal surgery is one of a treatment.

Periodontal surgery usually includes the following types: gum surgery, gum flap surgery, guided periodontal tissue regeneration, cutting the root surgery, split-root surgery, dental surgery and a half, crown lengthening, gingival surgery film.

Gingivectomy surgical approach mainly through the removal of hypertrophy of the gingival tissue or the medium in some parts of the periodontal pocket depth, gingival tissue to re-establish a normal physiological appearance.

Gum flap surgery is the removal of part of the periodontal pocket and the pocket lining of the infected tissue, reveal gingival mucoperiosteal flap, scraping the teeth root surface plaque, inflammation and necrosis of the granulation cementum, alveolar bone repair form Finally reset the gingival flap sutured to eliminate the periodontal pocket or the pocket lighter treatment purposes.

Guided periodontal tissue regeneration in recent years of research. It is the gum flap surgery, the use of a membrane material as a barrier, blocking the gingival epithelium and gingival connective tissue, periodontal ligament cells for the growth of the crown to provide a certain space, making the first occupation of periodontal ligament cells tooth root surface, the formation of new cementum and Dental Reviews periodontal ligament fibers buried there, to the ultimate formation of new periodontal attachment.

Cut root technique, split-root surgery, dental surgery is the treatment of semi-furcation of the surgical method. These procedures apply only to multi-root teeth, tooth root is more severe periodontal tissue destruction in the root or root crown with removal of retained relatively healthy side of the tooth structure. And repair as needed, as appropriate, to make it continue to function properly.

Crown lengthening surgery is mainly applied to El-cavity repair you want to keep the root, to the subgingival tooth fracture, restoration of the original width and destroyed the biological need to re-wearers.

Membrane periodontal gingival surgery is the general term for a variety of soft tissue surgery. Angioplasty include lace, attached Why loose teeth gingival widened surgery, vestibular deepening gum flap surgery and the use of exposed root surfaces of individual teeth.

Types of periodontal surgery and in many ways, but each method has its scope, the doctor will be based on the specific circumstances of the patient’s choice. Needs to be emphasized is. Any periodontal surgery should be based on after treatment, after eliminating inflammation. And should be effective in controlling plaque and smoking, otherwise it will affect the surgical results.

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