Taking Care of Toothbrush and Mouth

Your toothbrush is the most important tool of your day as you use it twice a day. Have you ever thought if someone asks if you care about your toothbrush? What probably would be your answer- Yes or no? But before it you should know the right answers of following:

Where you should store it after using it once?

When you should replace your toothbrush?

What type of toothbrush should be used?

People throw away their toothbrush when they see that the bristles of it are going to fray. But Dr. Howell, a clinical professor at San Antonio Dental School recommends that one should replace the toothbrush within 3 to 4 months. And children’s brushes need to be changed more frequently. Brushing properly can effectively help reduce the risk of heart diseases.

Points to consider to keep teeth healthy:

Thoroughly rinse your brush after every time you use it. This helps remove the remaining debris making it clean for your next time.

Experts say that never buy any toothbrush cleaning product they can only claim to kill the bacteria on your brush.

Some people heat the brush to kill germs but boiling water may damage the bristles.

Keep your toothbrush in a toothbrush holder and prevent it from touching the other brushes if they lie in the same holder.

You obviously should not share it with anybody as it results in exchange of microorganisms which could put the user at risk of infection.

Now comes the type of toothbrush – some use electric toothbrush and some non electric. About it you must consult a dentist. The Doctor can recommend the best one for your teeth.

A lot of People suffer from bad breath; in America it is 40 million who face the same problem. Bad breath can hinder your social life. You feel shame talking to people. The main cause of bad breath is plaque which harbors bacteria to avoid the bad breath one should brush twice a day and floss daily, use tongue cleaner, scrape your tongue every time you clean your teeth to remove the remnants that brush cannot remove.

Avoid smoking, smoking can destroy your gum tissue, and can cause oral cancer.

Use anti-bacterial mouthwashes which reduce bacteria in mouth and help give extra protection.

Avoid sugary eateries and toffees after food; they increase the rate of bacteria in the mouth. Avoid unhealthy foods for teeth.

So, teeth should also be taken care of like your face, body and skin. To keep them safe and healthy do follow the above points which will sure help you keep teeth healthy, mouth refreshing and risk of heart diseases away.

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