Taking Care of Your Oral Health: What and What Not To Do

Taking care of your oral health helps you in preventing tooth decay, gum disease and other teeth problems. The truth of the matter is you cannot put the entire burden on the dentist when it comes to your teeth. You must do your part by brushing it twice a day, flossing, using toothpaste with fluoride etc.

What to Do:

The best way to avoid cavities is by brushing your teeth twice a day. It is important to do it in a proper manner. Make sure that you do not miss a single area in your teeth. Brush it gently in a circular motion and rinse it meticulously with water. You are assured to avoid gum disease and halitosis through this procedure.

Flossing is also very essential to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Brushing alone cannot remove the plaque and particles of food in between your teeth, under the gum line and under braces. It is only through a dental floss that you can clean these spaces. Remember to use thin nylon filaments because it is easier to slide through small spaces in your teeth. Dentists recommend flossing only once a day.

Visit your dentist every six months for a regular checkup and cleaning. In this manner, you will be able to have a concrete idea as to the condition of your dental health. He or she is able to give you sound advice with regards to the proper way of taking care of one’s teeth.

What Not to Do:

One of the biggest reasons for tooth problems and oral tissue damage is smoking. The smoke of cigarettes and tobacco cause stains on the teeth and as a result, your teeth are weakened. And for this reason, you should avoid smoking to maintain a healthy, strong teeth and gums.

You might be shocked to know that alcohol is harmful to your teeth. It actually causes irritation of the gums, tongues and oral tissues. Aside from these, alcohol can lead to halitosis. And that is a major turn off. Therefore, start to avoid drinking hard beverages to preserve your teeth.

Eating the right kinds of food is very instrumental in maintaining healthy teeth. As much as possible, avoid eating hard candies, chocolates and other sweets. They are major causes of tooth decay. It really takes discipline to control yourself from eating these foods since they are so delicious.

The only person who will benefit from taking care of your oral health is YOU. So the best option is to attend to your oral health as diligently as possible to avoid future damage, not only to your teeth, but to your overall health.

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