Teeth Whitening- Treatment Options and Common Myths

Have you found yourself in an embarrassing situation every time you were asked to say “cheese” during group photographs? Have you always wanted those pearly whites they show on TV and told yourself that they are not for real? Dental bleaching, more commonly referred to as teeth whitening is your way to go then. Contrary to popular beliefs it is not a luxury only rich people can have. If you know exactly what you want and where to get it from you are going to get your own “million dollar smile” too.

There are a number of teeth whitening procedures practiced in general dentistry. Tooth whitening gel trays are probably one of the most common procedures used. Your dentist will customise upper and lower teeth trays for you with applied whitening gel. You just bite into the trays and let the whitening gel work on your teeth.

Since each of us has our own unique bite the custom made trays make sure that the gel penetrates uniformly on your teeth. The trays fit perfectly and all you need to do is wear them for 1 or 2 hours every day whenever you are comfortable. You can carry on with your daily activities while wearing them. Generally the procedure is continued for up to three weeks time in which most people achieve their desired shade of teeth colour.

The other popular procedure that people opt for is the laser treatment. This is far less time consuming and produces faster results. Your dentist covers your lips and gums first so that only the teeth are exposed. Whitening gel is then applied on your teeth followed by application of specially designed laser. The laser and gel work together to remove stains and give you your desired shade of teeth colour.

There are some common teeth whitening myths that need to be busted before you decide to go for a particular treatment. Going for a whitening procedure does not ruin or wear out your enamel. The bleaching agents used in dentistry are Peroxide based with ideal pH balance. They are less acidic that the orange juice that you just drank or the lemon juice you just sipped on.

You would be surprised to know that dental bleaching with the help of Hydrogen Peroxide has been in practice for a century now. Of course you need to follow safety measures while attempting to undergo teeth whitening treatment. This is where the role of a professional dentist comes in. A professional who knows his job well will leave nothing for you to worry about. He will take care of all the safety measures while carrying on his treatment.

The teeth whitening procedure you need with depend on factors such as the kind of stain on your teeth and the desired result. Do remember that factors such as genes also play a big role on the colour of your enamel. Which is exactly why some people naturally have whiter teeth that the others. A professional will be able to tell you exactly how many shades lighter your teeth can be.

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There are some common Teeth whitening myths that need to be busted before you decide to go for a particular treatment.

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