The !00% Effective Alternative treatment for Gum Disease: Periolase

Periolase is the latest laser treatment for gum disease and is offered at Glenwood Smiles in Raleigh, NC. One of the most essential treatments for dentists to use for patients with periodontal disease is laser  treatment. Designed for the LANAP protocol (Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure), Periolase is an  advanced procedure for soft-tissue therapy and is a one-of-a-kind. Using a pulsed laser, Periolase, deep  cleans gums. The FDA has approved the use the this unique treatment, which is safe, non-invasive and a  way dentists can now use to treat and dramatically restore gum tissue.

Periolase Can Reverse Gum Disease!

This non-surgical technique for soft tissue therapy offered by Periolase is proven to reverse the damages  of periodontal disease. Dentists refer to Periolase as the “Swiss Army Knife” of lasers. No other form of  therapy has offered as many favorable clinical results. Those Dentists who have used this patented  process, have witnessed long-term success with their patients oral health because Periolase actually  kills the bacteria that causes gum disease.

Forms of Periodontal Disease.

Periodontitis and gingivitis, the most common forms of periodontal disease, affect the gums and soft  tissue supporting the teeth. Bacteria is the culprit causing patients suffering from this disease to seeing their gums pull away from the bone of their teeth. Lose of ones teeth is the eventuality of severe  periodontitis. In most cases, people diagnosed with this disease, will experience the symptoms for the  rest of their lives. Dentists have, in the past, been able to treat the disease but the effects were irreversible. Now with the new powerful Periolase treatment, chronic gum disease suffers will find that an environment has been recreated in their mouth to support healthy gums and actually see the gums grow back to the teeth. Periolase has a 100% success rate and is the only one to boast that degree of success and is the first laser that uses digital technology to make it more reliable.

Periolase – the Alternative to Oral Surgery.

Traditional oral surgery can present complications that prevent many from using conventional means to treat periodontal disease. Periolase is a reliable, less invasive alternative for those suffering from  recurring gum health issues that might not ordinarily be able to receive treatment. There is bleeding,  swelling and the recovery time is longer for those patients opting for the more traditional cut-and-stich  gum disease surgery. Periolase is more effective, less invasive and offers a faster and less painful  recovery.

If you’ve been fighting a losing battle with Periodontal Disease and are tired of going “under the knife” for treatment, then perhaps it’s time you saw the professionals at Glenwood Smiles Dentistry in  Raleigh, NC. The have the latest Periolase laser treatment available and can get your gum disease  under control once and for all. You can see all the professional services they offer at or call 919-834-4450

About the Author
Dr. Rebecca Schmorr is a general and cosmetic dentist; she graduated from the Indiana School of Dentistry in 1995. She has completed numerous continuing education programs to refine her skills as a dentist, including training with two premier Dental Esthetics teaching facilities, the Nash Institute for Dental Learning and the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies. She also has extensive training in endodontics (root canal treatments),and has completed orthodontics studies for Powerprox Six Month Braces™ under Dr. Richard J. DePaul, Jr. and comprehensive orthodontics studies under Dr. Robert G. Gerety. Dr. Schmorr also has trained at the Millennium Dental Institute to treat diseases of the gums and bone using the LANAP Periolase laser. Dr. Schmorr and her staff stay abreast of the latest techniques and developments in all aspects of the dental field by attending frequent seminars and lectures.

Dr. Schmorr is published in several dental journals and has been a cosmetic dental consultant for makeover programs. She has been in practice at Glenwood Smiles since 1996.

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