The advantages of all-ceramic dental effects and postoperative care

All-ceramic dental porcelain teeth with the biggest difference is that the crown, the crown is all porcelain porcelain, is a transparent skeleton, its level, color closest to the real teeth, not to stimulate the gums, the reflection of light is closer to natural teeth.

Its excellent optical properties, excellent blending of biological and vivid color, looks more natural than metal ceramic teeth, more beautiful, and its three major advantages to attract a large number of beauty family.

How to care for all-ceramic dental

The first step, note the cleanliness of the teeth, because teeth with all-ceramic abutment junction is easy to gather plaque to form calculus, should pay attention to cleanliness, dental floss between the teeth can be self-cleaning, and regularly to the hospital, cleaning teeth.

The second step, do not use all porcelain teeth too hard to eat something. Porcelain teeth can withstand very large forces, but if the stress range by more than the pressure it is possible there will be various porcelain situation, it is recommended in the United States who do try not to porcelain teeth to perfect things, such as walnuts a class of things. Furthermore, the initial denture and repair Repair techniques without leaving marks than before, the upper and lower cusp of the bit different, eat slowly, to avoid bites buccal and lingual mucosa.

The third step, because the mill in addition to the amount of tooth structure is relatively large, the other all-ceramic crowns have a certain transparency, so if the color of the tooth itself heavier, will be revealed after the insertion of the internal color, so the most suitable for dental prosthesis itself has a large defect in vital teeth or tooth-colored post and core restoration of residual crown and root.

Comparable with the natural tooth color

The original ecology of each all-ceramic tooth teeth through CAD / CAM, no metal smell, and air, water or any other electrolyte contact will produce micro-oxide film quickly and effectively to prevent metal corrosion, the level closest to the true color of teeth . In addition, and because of its good light permeability with real teeth close, beyond the real strength of teeth, teeth to achieve the best effect and the United States the most comfortable and soft tissue contact.

Personalized gear with excellent results the United States

The original eco-all-ceramic dental aesthetics, it is nearly perfect. The technology has a dozen colors to choose from, and What are the hazards of Ni-Cr porcelain teeth color stability, and can provide beautiful and natural, rich effect of the repair activity, and the United States according to each patient’s own tooth to choose the conditions and requirements to achieve the best personalized beauty teeth the effect.

Safe and reliable not to hurt the pulp

The original ecology of all-ceramic dental thermal conductivity is very low, only gold, seventeenth, more conducive to the protection of the pulp, light weight, only a quarter of gold, the patient more comfortable to wear. In the past 10 years, the original all-ceramic dental ecology has over 1.5 million dental patients worldwide lifting of dental trouble.

These are the all-ceramic dental benefits and effects, then do a full porcelain teeth do not worry about it? Dental experts warned that: after all-ceramic dental care to pay attention, so as to ensure the long-term use of all-ceramic dental and effect.

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