The Best Foods to Strengthen Your Teeth

We’ve talked a lot about the foods that are generally good for your teeth- those that won’t cause any more harm. What if you’ve already started to experience some decay? Hopefully you’re receiving care from a dentist and she’ll have some directions for you. We’ve complied a little list that will help keep you on track as you reverse decay and begin the battle to reinforce your teeth and move forward. Tooth enamel may be the hardest substance in your body but you do need to maintain it if you want it to last your entire life.

It’s important to your teeth for you to get plenty of protein-rich foods. Protein is a great source of phosphorus which is necessary for strength development in your teeth and your jaw. Egg yolks and meats are excellent sources but vegans and vegetarians are hardly left out. Green leafy vegetables, tofu, and beans are excellent sources of phosphorus as well.

We talked earlier about snacking and dairy products. While they certainly cause less harm than candy and processed grains, they’re also a copious source of Vitamin D and calcium which strengthen your teeth and bones. If you can’t handle dairy (more and more of us fit this category) then most soy milks will work for you to get these nutrients.

We want you to keep your guard up against the acid attacks that occur to your teeth in the moments after eating sucrose and foods that break down as sugar. Let’s not count citrus fruits in this category. Yes they contain acids but they also bring Vitamin C to the table which helps eliminate much of the bacteria that’s already on your teeth.

We need to backpedal a little and talk about grains. We stand by the notion that processed grains are no good- they’ll break down just like sugar and harm your teeth and your blood sugar level. Whole grains, however, will bring some magnesium to your teeth which helps develop bone and tooth strength. Sugary cereal doesn’t count- stick with oats, barley, rice, etc.

Don’t forget that fish is an excellent source of Vitamin D and health-wise a very efficient source of protein. Remember that Vitamin D actually helps you absorb calcium which will lead to improved teeth.

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