The diverse symptoms of pulpitis

Renaturation pulpitis: The complex pulpitis is a less serious lesions pulpitis, also known as pulp hyperemia. Teeth when subjected to temperature stimuli clinical brief, sharp pain, when stimulate remove, the pain disappeared immediately, can be complex pulpitis treatment is to remove the stimulus, the elimination of inflammation, treatment of deep caries treatment until the symptoms.

Irreducible pulpitis: Irreducible pulpitis according to the clinical been characteristics are divided into: acute pulpitis, chronic pulpitis, retrograde pulpitis

Clinical manifestations of acute pulpitis: acute pulpitis, acute onset, severe pain, clinical findings of acute pulpitis most of the acute exacerbation of chronic pulpitis. The severe pain of acute pulpitis is characterized by spontaneous and paroxysmal pain, thermal stimuli to make weight, the pain often can not locate. The treatment of acute pulpitis acute treatment until the symptoms of endodontic treatment and then OK.

Chronic pulpitis: pulpitis occurs mostly caries due to gradually against caries, pulp also chronic inflammation. Chronic pulpitis severe spontaneous pain, but there are longer-term case of hot and cold stimulation of the pain history, the nature of pain for pain.

Retrograde pulpitis: retrograde pulpitis teeth with periodontal diseases, periodontal tissue destruction, infection through the side of the canal and apical foramen into the dental pulp caused pulpitis. The clinical manifestations of What preparatory work needs to be done before the denture acute inflammation in general, spontaneous and paroxysmal pain, according to the hot and cold stimulation of sensitive or radiating pain, treatment of acute pulpitis treatment. But can also be manifested as symptoms of chronic pulpitis, no significant spontaneous pain, pain nature of pain, sensitivity to hot and cold stimulation, can be handled according to pulpitis.

Necrotic pulp: pulp necrosis, pulp tissue death, often by pulpitis evolved, and followed by the most common cause of trauma. General clinical pain, often merger periapical and treatment. Teeth with pulpitis or dental history of trauma, tooth discoloration, and loss of luster, hot and cold stimulation painless. The treatment of pulp necrosis, pulp extraction and postoperative root canal treatment or possible plasticizing treatment.

Degeneration of pulp calcification pulp blood circulation disorders in the formation of pulp stone, filled with the pulp chamber. Clinical pulp stone generally do not cause symptoms, found only in the X-rays to check the treatment of pulp calcification degeneration depending on the calcification and decided to take the root canal treatment or plasticizing treatment.

Teeth absorbed the degeneration of the pulp tissue inflammatory granulation tissue, the tooth from the internal canal began to Basic knowledge of dental care absorb. General clinical symptoms, teeth within the absorption late in the crown absorbed near the surface, revealing the color of the granulation tissue so that it crowns pink. Absorption of the teeth are generally in the teeth necessary to remove, if the teeth absorbed early may consider trying the pulp unplug underwent root canal treatment.

Degeneration of the pulp: pulp degeneration is common for pulp disease, many different types of pulp calcification degeneration and dental clinical absorption is more common.

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