The Harm On Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is not just all about benefits. If you’ll dig deeper into the more factual side of the story, you will find out that there are actually some harm that comes along with it.  Teeth whitening products are spreading like virus on the market. It is like the mythical zombie virus that is spreading in each corner of the town. They come in different brands and styles that it gets confusing which to use. Most of them promise to consumers like us to give the most outstanding smile. How true is that promise? Let’s find out.

Most teeth whitening products consist of peroxide. The peroxide acts as the whitening agent that whitens the teeth. This is true. The peroxide truly cleans your teeth and removes the clogging dirt that makes your teeth looks yellowish. But here is the real deal behind the benefits. Not all teeth whitening products are uniform. Not all of them use the same formulation of ingredients. Not all of these products fit for everyone’s teeth condition. Some has high content of teeth whitening agent and some has mild concentration.

Some of us have sensitive teeth. This is mainly where the issue starts. If you have sensitive teeth, teeth whitening products that are made of peroxide is not good for you. Peroxide is actually harsh to the teeth. It can erode the tooth’s enamel. Once your enamel is eroded you will feel more sensitivity to hot and cold foods. Though you may have strong teeth structure, teeth whiteners may still give you negative effect. The harsh components of peroxide can cause gum irritation and blistering. Yes, it is no good indeed. Teeth bleaching product when swallowed accidentally can cause serious sore throat. When this happen, one must seek help from an expert.

Maybe you are saying right now, why does tooth whitening products are still widely displayed when it can harm anyway. The truth is, it can give you the benefit it supposed to give you without harming your mouth if you will use the product that suits for your mouth’s condition.

Our teeth condition may differ. What you need is a product that perfectly fit for your tooth’s condition and your mouth’s ph. An oral health care specialist can help you in this case. He can prescribe you a product that perfectly match for your need without harming you.

If teeth sensitivity is your issue, then you might want to use those products that doesn’t contained peroxide. There are a lot of these products in the market these days. This is safe to use for those people who are noob to teeth whitening or those who doesn’t trust peroxide.

Each product have instruction stated on the product label. To avoid any possible danger, one must read and follow the instructions carefully. If the label says that it doesn’t fit for sensitive teeth, and you have sensitive teeth, then you must not use it. To achieve the best teeth whitening effect, seek a dentist advice first.

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