The Importance of Dental Abutment

Dental implants are anchors that are surgically placed in your jaw either upper jaw or lower jaw depending on where the tooth or teeth is to be replaced. Titanium is the commonly used material for making dental implants because it is safe to the human body. After fitting the implant into your jaw bone, your own bone will grow to fuse together with the implant for support. A dental abutment is then placed on top of the implant. Dental abutment is basically the foundation on which the artificial tooth is placed. The main purpose of the dental abutment is to connect the dental crown to the implant. The abutment helps in stabilizing the dental implant.

How implants improve your smile

Apart from the reality that you will have a full grin without worrying about the gaps in between your teeth, dental implants guarantee a number of other benefits as can be seen below;

A more aesthetically pleasant smile

When you have all your teeth in place, you tend to have a full smile every time you smile. But if you have gaps stuck between your teeth as a result of a missing tooth, you will tend to hide the gap by not having a full smile.

Restores your self-confidence

With an absent tooth or teeth, you tend to worry about people noticing the gap left behind by the missing tooth. However, with a dental implant you will have all the self confidence and you can smile at anytime and at anyone. You will have the ability to speak comfortably, share glances and smiles without a problem.

Improves jawbone health and prevents bone loss

Dental implants help in improving your jawbone health. When a tooth is removed and the gap left without a replacement, the gum is left exposed to bacteria and plaque. This can later affect the jawbone and cause bone loss in the long run.

Preserved facial structure

When the jaw bone health is improved, the entire facial structure is preserved. When a tooth is removed or is missing, the cheek on that side of the mouth tends to move closer to that area. This affects your general appearance and in most cases you look older than you actually are. It is therefore important to replace a tooth with a permanent solution for instance with a dental implant to preserve your facial structure.

Enhances chewing and speaking

If you have missing teeth for instance the molars or premolars or maybe the incisors will you be able to bite or chew your favourite food comfortably? Of course no, but with the help of implants, you will have the ability to eat almost all types of foods as you were used to. On top of that, teeth are not only useful when it comes to chewing and biting, they are also important when it comes speaking. Certain words are well pronounced due to the presence of teeth particularly the front teeth.

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