Things to Know on Tooth Whitening

Teeth play critical role in making one’s personality presentable amid social gathering. Stained, tarnished tooth bring make the person’s smile repulsive and is likely to bring a negative impression on the individual. Therefore, people having stained or other teeth that are in a presentable color can go for teeth whitening.


Tooth whitening

Tooth whitening is a procedure that helps making your teeth look better. Tooth whitening does so by ensuring the removal of strains and discolors action.


How it works

The external layer of a tooth is the enamel. The color of a tooth is because of effects of light falling on the enamel and the color of the member beneath the enamel. The texture of the enamel is influence by genetics causes.


Causes of tooth staining

The enamel gets stains because of the thin coating get built and gets strains. Apart from the texture of the enamel other common causes that cause stains in teeth re consumption of tobacco, drinks such as tea, coffee, red wine, cola, etc. and general illness.


How tooth whitening is done

Tooth whitening is done using two procedures – Vital whitening procedure and non-vital whitening procedure.


Vital whitening

Vital whitening is more commonly used that any other method of tooth whitening. The product used for these methods contains hydrogen peroxide.

Tooth whitening may be performed at the dentist’s office or at home. The advantage of being done at office is that it enables the dentist to use an effective whitening gel. In office whitening takes half an hour to one and half hour.


The procedure is as follows:

The dentist applies a substance that conceals and protects the gums around the teeth. One the whitening agent is applied on the teeth, he’ll polish the teeth. If they are found discolored, the dentist may advise you to continue the process of whitening for a few more days.


In case of in home whitening, the dentist takes the impression of upper and lower jaw and builds a custom mouth pieces to wear. Generally, whitening happens within one week or a couple of weeks. You need to wear the mouth piece as advised by the dentist – for four weeks or longer.


You can also go for tooth whitening products upfront. However, as they have whitening agent that is not so effective, it may take longer for whitening. The whitening agent applied in the gel in the mouthpiece or as a strip that is in contact with the teeth.


If you feel it’s cumbersome to the dentist and difficult to follow his advice, you can go for tooth whitening pastes that contain abrasives which help remove stains from the enamel.


Non-Vital Whitening

Non-vital whitening is useful if the stain comes from the inside – as it is in case of root canal treatment. The dentist keeps a whitening agent inside the tooth and pours into it with temporary filling. This way the too is left for several day. It may be required to do this procedure for multiple times.


Note that whitening is a not a permanent remedy for discolored teeth. If you smoke and eat a lot of foods and drinks that stain teeth, you need to go for whitening them again. Further, there is a risk to the enamel – it may get damaged with repeated whitening.


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