Time To Whiten Your Teeth

The range of teeth whitening products being large it is not always possible to choose the right product that can serve purpose of the individual. To choose the perfect one you need to edify yourself of the product, and the core ingredients that are used for teeth whitening.

Well, first of all you must know what is the difference between teeth whitening and teeth bleaching? By the term teeth whitening we mean removal of stains from the tooth, and get the original whiteness of the teeth. Whitening product will not lighten the shade of the teeth. While bleaching with the help of peroxide will remove the stain and can lighten the shade up to 11 times. But one thing you must remember is generally peroxide solution are not capable of removing grey stains, they are perfect just for the yellow stains.

There was a time when framing budget for getting teeth whitening solution was next to impossible for the middle class. It was a fascination of HOLLWOOD stars. But now you can easily afford it at a cost of a burger. There are many forms of teeth whitening solution – gels, and strips are important among them. Though the usage procedure is not same, but both use either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide solution.

TEETH WHITENING KITS – GELS – You can either apply the gels directly over your teeth, let it stay for some time, and then wash it off. Or else, you can also go with LASER treatment. LASER treatment is nothing but the speeding up the treatment procedure. The beam activates the crystals of the peroxide solution, thus it can penetrate more easily in the teeth, and it cut the time involved for the treatment. Previously this was only possible at dentist’s counter, but now you can get it done at your home too. But while doing this you must be care of 2 things –

•    Peroxide solution can burn your gum, so while applying the solution, and be sure of guarding your gum with the provided shield. And, in case it gets touched with your gum, wash it with plain water at once.

•    LASER ray are very harmful for eyes and other body parts, so while applying the rays, and make sure that it only gets focused over the affected part – where you have applied the gel.

TEETH WHITENING STRIPS – Using strips is nothing new, but with time, it has been marketed with varied proportion of peroxide solution. Initially it started with a very low proportion of peroxide solution, which has to be used for 3 months to get a result that would hardly last for a year. But if you choose to use the latest version of the same, you just need to apply it for 3 to 7 days, using twice a day and the result will last for a year. However if you manage following a healthy diet and maintained lifestyle it can last even longer. You just to need do a little bit of touch up, when needed.

I consider these are two most effective teeth whitening kits that can generate a positive result without burning the pockets.

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