Tooth Grinding related to Stress – Dental Problem

Bruxism means clenching or grinding of teeth many people clench their teeth while sleeping. This is common in kids while adults can clench their teeth in day time as well as night.

The number of adult patients showing symptoms of tooth grinding has risen over past few years, more people are grinding their teeth due to job insecurity. People who work in IT companies, banks or travel a lot for their jobs or ambitious people who work in competitive companies are among the worst affected due to having more stress in their life.

Symptoms include chipped teeth, worn tooth enamel, highly sensitive teeth, pain in jaw, ear ache, facial pain & cheek pain or severe headache.

Chronic cases of Bruxism can  make the teeth loose & also result in fracturing of teeth.

Severe cases of Bruxism can cause hearing loss & also make face look disproportionate .


  • Bruxism may be reduced or even eliminated when the associated factor example sleep disorders are treated successfully.
  • Ongoing management is based on minimizing abrasion of tooth surfaces by wearing bite guard or splint designed to the shape of an individuals upper or lower teeth from a bite mold. While an appliance is the good way to manage Bruxism it is not a cure.
  • Finding ways to relax
  • Because every day stress seems to be a major cause of Bruxism anything that reduce stress can help like listening to music, reading book, taking walk or a bath etc..
  • Applying a warm wet cloth to the side of face can help to relax muscles sore from clenching.
  • Damage teeth can be repaired by replacing the worn natural crown of tooth with prosthetic crown. Porcelain fused to metal crown may be used in anterior of mouth, in posterior full gold crown are preferred.

Bruxism in Kids

Kids may grind because the top & bottom teeth aren’t allinged properly. Other do it as a response to pain or teething. kids might grind their teeth as a way to ease pain just as they might rub a sore muscle. Stress can be another cause in kids for example a child might worry about a test at school or even arguing with parents or siblings can cause enough stress to prompt teeth grinding or clenching. Hyper active kids can also experience Bruxism. sometimes kids with other medical conditions such as cerebral palsy or on certain medication can cause Bruxism .

Treatment for Bruxism for Kids.

  • Most kids outgrow Bruxism, but a combination of parental observation & dental visits can help keep problem in check. Where grinding & clenching makes childs face & jaws sore or damage of teeth a special night guard is given by dentist.
  • Whether cause is physical or psychological kids might be able to control Bruxism by relaxing before bed time for example like taking warm bath or shower, listening to a few minutes of soothing music or reading a book.

Most kids stop grinding when they lose their baby teeth.

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