Toothache—Pulp Inflammation and Infection

Inflammation of the tooth’s nerve can result to sudden and intense pain that will drive you real mad and will prompt you to seek emergency dental care. Luckily, majority of toothaches are only temporary and can be managed by simple pain relievers and home remedies. However, some cases get really serious that it will require a more complex diagnosis as well as treatment and procedures.

Tooth decay or dental cavity is one of the most leading causes of the tooth pain as a result to poor dental hygiene. Other causes can also include gum diseases, cracks, trauma, and previous dental treatment. Each of the mentioned causes can result to inflammation and dental pulp infection within the bone, soft tissues, or tooth. Pulpitis which is the inflammation of the tooth’s pulp can be seriously painful to many individuals because the pulp lacks the protective structure that will prevent swelling and pain due to pressure. Likewise, infection can also cause pain as the pus accumulates within the cavity damaging the affected tooth, gum, and other structures near it.

A toothache can start as a mild sensitivity to sweets as well as extremely hot and cold foods and beverages. This condition can suggest a possible pulpitis which can be reversible.  A simple removal of a shallow dental cavity and dental filling can help the relive pain in the pulp and restore the tooth’s normal conditions. In minor cracks, a dental crown can relieve pain and keeps the pieces of the tooth together and in place. However, cases where tooth sensitivity and intense dental pain becomes constant and nagging can be a sign of serious conditions. The pulp may have become seriously inflamed which makes it untreatable by home remedies. Such cases will need prompt attention and a more extensive treatment from a licensed dental practitioner. The serious inflammation can further result to infection of the pulp as well as its surrounding bone and soft tissues. To relieve pain and stop infection, the pulp has to be carefully removed if necessary.

The accurate diagnosis of dental pain or toothache will require the professional expertise of a dental practitioner coming from the 24 hour dentist Austin. The dental doctor will carefully conduct a thorough examination of the teeth and its surrounding tissues. The client will be asked to provide a complete description of the severity, location, and provokes of pain which is very necessary in determining the right diagnosis. Once the diagnosis has been determined, the 24 hour dentist Austin will get start with the procedure and treatment to alleviate pain and resolve the main cause of the problem.

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