Types of Dental Implants Information

Dental implants are modern cosmetic dentistry procedure that are carried out for improving the appearance of teeth

Dental implants are generally made up of different types of materials such as titanium, aluminum oxide and stainless steels.Various types of dental implants are used and dentist fix which type should be used for the particular one based on the various factors. Endosteal implant is one of the important and most common methods used. This type of implants is shaped like a screw or cylinder and it is generally made up of metal, metal covered with ceramic and ceramic material. In this type, implant is placed directly into one’s jawbone all the way through a surgery like natural tooth. Just like a natural tooth, it can be used for various processes.

These are another popular implants type available today. It is most commonly used type and these are mostly used in deep and wide jaw bones that provide a wide base for replacing one or more teeth. The dentist makes an incision on the gums, to be able to expose the jawbone underneath. And then the jawbone will be prepared for the insertion of the root form implant. Your gums will be closed with stitches once the implants are set into the place. It takes about three to six months to a year for it to heal. Your implants will be uncovered and abutment will be attached after the healing period.

Next one is Plate Form Implants. It is commonly used when the bone of the jaws are so narrow, so that root form implants are unsuitable. In this method a long and flat implant is fixed into the short or small jawbone. Once you have done with the anesthetic, your dentist will examine and exposes the jawbone area that needs to be done and prepares the bone such that it adjusts to the new shape. The number of bone preparations and gum incisions will depend on the number of dental implants to be placed. Generally it will take up to six months for healing.

Last one is Subperiosteal Implants. Gennerally these type is suggested for those who don’t have enough bone width or height in jawbone for the root form for other types of implants. These types of implants are custom made that attaches on top of the jawbone and below the gum tissue and it can be used for either the single teeth or for an all teeth.Dental Implants are an ideal solution to restore your teeth back. Get new teeth and bright smile again with an implant|Dental implants helps you to get back a bright and new smile.

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