Understand the advantages and disadvantages of porcelain teeth

Porcelain teeth are the moment to use the most common cosmetic dental way. For the initial contact with the friends of porcelain teeth, the advantages and disadvantages of porcelain teeth most want to know. Below I will take you to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of porcelain teeth.

First of all, we understand the advantages of porcelain teeth. Porcelain teeth the most current popular Prosthodontics, the advantages of porcelain teeth, the following main points:

1. Unparalleled biocompatibility: the biocompatibility of porcelain teeth are very good, non-metallic porcelain teeth because of the biocompatibility of the relatively weak already to fade out the  Prosthodontics beauty market, and now occupy a large market The share of semi-precious metal porcelain teeth, and relatively expensive precious metal porcelain teeth, has overcome the biocompatibility of the problem will not cause any harm to the teeth, gums, deep, and will not have any after-effects persist.

2. Closed: porcelain teeth for dental restorations effect can not be separated from it tightly closed. If you are using porcelain teeth, then nothing to worry about real teeth with dentures, crown seal is not enough, and naturally did not do not have to worry resulting in a series of questions. Generally speaking, if the closure is not tight enough, the food residue can easily penetrate into the teeth, over time, will cause some real teeth corrosion, thus, the dentures would fall off, the oral will stink. However, the porcelain teeth with unique advantages in this regard.

3. The high strength of the chewing force: the effect of porcelain teeth is the reason why people satisfied there is one important reason is that it allows you to re-feel the former strength of the real teeth to chew force. Although porcelain teeth can not be excessive hardness of the use of excessive food, such as walnut crust like substances, but in general the food is still absolutely no problem, so I do not particularly worried about the porcelain teeth will collapse.

4. Protect teeth: porcelain teeth in addition to the high degree of simulation beauty close to the real teeth appearance, its utility more powerful. Because the entire real teeth were wrapped in porcelain teeth chew food when most of the forces acting on the crown, it is unlikely collapse fracture teeth. Ceramic layer of porcelain teeth excellent insulation, and firmly protect the lives of the pulp, natural external stimuli can not be eroded into the room.

Next, look at the disadvantage of porcelain teeth. Although many advantages of porcelain teeth, but as the treatment means, the disadvantage of porcelain teeth or the inevitable existence. Porcelain teeth biggest drawback is that its treatment is ITI dental implant system irreversible, and that you security porcelain teeth can not be removed unless it automatically falls off.

Overall, the advantages of porcelain teeth is greater than the shortcomings, and long life of porcelain teeth, but it is earnestly teeth protection work on the basis of, if you do not carefully take care of their own porcelain teeth, irregular inspections cleaning, regular tobacco, alcohol and What are the hazards of resolve nickel-chromium porcelain teeth spicy, then the life of porcelain teeth will rapidly shorten that time can only go to the hospital to re-repair.

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