Understand the role of your Orthodontists

Orthodontists are highly trained specialists that have received additional education for 2-3 years full time after dental school in an accredited orthodontic residency program. They are specialized in preventing or correcting irregularities in the alignment of teeth, disproportionate jaws or both that lead to other disorders including difficulties related to chewing, breathing and talking.

You can also approach them for beautifying the teeth, polishing and maintaining the looks of your teeth. Hence an orthodontist also treats patients with problems as well as performs cosmetic treatments. They expertise in treating teeth and jaw abnormalities with the help of medical equipment. Most people refer them as aesthetic dentists, however they do more than just fixing out of sync teeth.

The road to becoming an orthodontist is not that smooth, it includes completing 2-3 year specialization training program after acquiring the dentistry degree. Orthodontics is that part of dentistry which deals with teeth alignment. The additional education an orthodontist receives emphasizes on growth and development, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of all types of dentistry and jaw growth discrepancies. You can also call them as smile doctors as they fix out of shape teeth enabling patients to flash good smiles!

An orthodontist has to direct dental assistants aiding them in treating the patients and need to have good communication skills. The foremost thing that an orthodontist does is to perform diagnostic tests like taking X-rays of a patient’s teeth and jaw. They will then review the X-rays and photos to devise a treatment plan that will properly align the teeth with the jaw. Through discussions about the procedure with the patients and answering any queries that patients might have, they finalize the treatment plan and use braces and retainers to shape the teeth. Straightening uneven teeth forms a chief segment of their job description, nevertheless they do more than that.

Orthodontists take measurements of the oral cavity to design lingual and labial arch wires. They make space maintainers required for patients with irregular teeth. Prescribing apt analgesics and medications that will accelerate the healing process is also a major aspect of their job role. To find out about any allergies and pre-existing conditions that might affect the treatment plan and use of certain drugs, they will also study your medical history.

Often while coming in to an orthodontist’s office, you are very apprehensive and fearful, so the orthodontist are required to furnish you with loads of information before preparing you for diagnostics tests and procedures. They might also have to give patients aftercare instructions and follow up appointments; interact with the patient’s family members and answer their queries and address their doubts in some cases. Your orthodontists will portray effective interpersonal skills in their profession to successfully interact with you as patients and their assistants.

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