Vital Skill Required for Financial Success

By: James Noyes
As discussed in The Wealthy’s “Secret” Knowledge series of articles, true wealth building is really only the result of applying some fundamental wealth building knowledge and skill sets in your life…and then taking the necessary actions to achieve financial stability and even Financial Freedom.

One of the skill sets discussed in The Wealthy’s “Secret” Knowledge series was the concept of asset development for building wealth. From all of my own personal research into wealth building principles, I personally feel that the skill of asset development is probably one of the most important (if not the most important) skill we can learn…as we work towards achieving Financial Success.

So just what is an asset?

The basic definition of an asset is…something that is created that will provide a steady stream of residual income…that in essence, will not require lots of personal time to maintain once the it has been developed.

Some people confuse an asset with their personal possessions. Many individuals believe that items such as personal homes and cars qualify as assets…but in reality, these personal possessions still take money out of the owner’s pocket every month…even if they are completely paid for!

Assets can take many forms. From businesses, paper investments, real estate investments, royalty’s from inventions, software, music, and books…to virtually anything the mind can conceive that might be of value to someone else.

Creativity is a vital element in asset development

One of the most important aspects of asset development is the ability to use our minds in a creative manner…that will allow us to come up with a creative solution to a specific problem or need.

As stated earlier, our minds are probably one of our most important tools for creating something of value. Most of the world’s greatest inventions and contributions have been the result of creative thought from one or more individuals.

In truth, the better you are at creatively solving problems…the more opportunities you’ll have for creating wealth and financial success. You can learn more about developing your creativity by exploring the subject at:

Try to develop assets that match you natural talents…for optimum success

As stated earlier, assets can take many forms…it really comes down to applying your own innate talents to develop something that others will want to use. (and are willing to pay for its value)

Ideally, if you can create an asset using your own natural talents…the whole asset development process will not even feel like work. Imagine achieving financial independence…without it even feeling like work!

While utilizing our “natural” talents is not an absolute requirement in asset development, it will definitely make the process a whole lot easier. Many individuals have in fact built great wealth using the skills and labors of others, but even these individuals used their “natural” talents for organizing resources to achieve financial success.

Even though the asset development process should ideally be “fun work”…it’s still very important to remember that there is “work” involved in the process

It’s important to note that a “get rich quick” mentality will not help when trying to develop an asset. In fact, most asset development requires a lot of up-front work and action…before any kind of profit will be seen.

Whatever it is you are trying to develop…it will most likely result in a lot of time and effort devoted to something with basically no initial financial return. Most new business ventures work this way…including most other forms of asset development. There is no “free ride”…so to speak.

In truth, if the asset you’re developing is a good match for your talents…you will find the process is just as rewarding as the final financial benefits that will result from your efforts.

The world is waiting for your special contribution…and ready to reward you for it too!

Fortunately, if you do learn the valuable knowledge and skills associated with asset development …you can become a virtual “money making machine” with endless financial possibilities. As I stated at the beginning, I truly feel that learning how to build assets is probably one of the most important wealth building skills you can develop. (if not the most important)

So get out there and develop the next great thing! The world is waiting for your own important contribution…and is more than willing to pay you for the wonderful value it creates!
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