Wealth And Abundance – Looking For Inspiration?

By: Shauna Arthurs

Most of us would say that we want more wealth…more abundance…more prosperity. But who among us has not been bogged down with the chores and hassles of everyday living to the point where we have no time or energy to pursue the prosperity we really want?


The problem with this is that it leaves us vulnerable to waking up 20 or 30 years from now wishing with all our might we had done things differently. If only we had lifted our heads up long enough out of the daily grind to see it, we’ll think…This is the type of regret that can never be undone.

The Good News

Sometimes all it takes to change this pattern and avoid this future disappointment is a little reminder – a reminder that what we want is possible, if only we would start working towards it.

All we need is a little inspiration! Knowing that others have blazed the path of success and abundance can make it easier to take those first few steps. Learning, too, that the people who can serve as role models are not superheroes – they are people just like you and I – can inspire us to take action as well.

If we observe the lives of others who have managed to achieve what we wish for ourselves, we can learn valuable lessons. The most important of these is that what we want is POSSIBLE. We are not alone, and there are others out there who are working through the same issues we are, no matter what they are. Sometimes hearing about someone who has overcome far greater odds than we are facing can be all the inspiration we need to get off our behinds and begin to create change.

Achievement isn’t just for the lucky few; there’s no such thing!

Luck is created. As the infamous saying goes, luck is when preparedness meets opportunity.

Your job is to work on the preparedness. We all have 24 hours in a day and no more. Do you use yours wisely?…

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