What are the Qualities of Good Leadership?

Share The Business Vision

Share the vision with others, or even better have a team create it, so they feel involved in the process.  However make sure to break the vision down into small steps so that employees understand how they are going to get there.  This will ensure that they don’t feel defeated when it takes a long time to reach the end goal.

Each employee needs to understand how they will contribute to the overall process in order to put in 100% effort.

Share information about the vision such as a Vision Statement and Mission Statement.  Have this information on the walls.  Also walk the walk.  Everything that you do and say as a leader should contribute to the vision of the business.

Leadership is not about the leader, it is about the team.  The leader should always lead by example.

Leaders are Doers

A good leader obtains all relevant information, assesses the situation and sets a course of action and communicates this to their team.  That same leader will be with the team through the whole process and will take on activities to reach the goal themselves.

A lot of what a good leader does will be unseen to the rest of the team.  A good leader will anticipate problems, make plans and take actions without employee knowledge.  The team will be informed of their progress as they achieve their goals and will be coached and supported on a daily basis.

A good leader will be present when there are problems, supporting the team and the whole business.  They will be there answering customer questions and doing whatever it takes to make sure that customers’ needs are met.

The leader can turn up on a shift and pitch in and help the team and ask the supervisor of the team what they can do to help.  This is leading by example and employees will take notice of what you are doing and you will earn their respect because of it.

Being Optimistic

Don’t assume the worst of employees.  People are generally good in nature and will try and do the right thing.  The few people that are causing problems can be spoken to in order to improve the outcome.  Listen to these people and find out what their problems are and then do your best to improve the situation.  Address the trouble makers as you find them so they create less trouble in the team.

If as a leader you assume the worst, you will get it.

Don’t expect that you will get everything right 100% of the time, but that you will learn from your mistakes and move on.

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