What diseases can cause toothache?


When dental caries (tooth decay) to a certain depth, close to the pulp or pulp, the bacteria within the cavity can be directly or through the dentin tubules and into the pulp cavity, causing pulpitis. Pulpitis caused by pain is extremely difficult to endure, there is no stimulus in the case of the outside world, can produce severe spontaneous pain, pain is intermittent. Most patients sleep at night when the pain is more severe, because the head when supine than standing in a lower position, the pulp cavity more congestion, so that the intramedullary pressure increase and the nerve, so the pain is more severe. Hot and cold stimuli can increase the pain. Pulpitis often suffer Dental Reviews pain when radiation along the trigeminal nerve distribution to the ipsilateral upper and lower teeth and head and face, so patients often hemi headache temple pain symptoms. As the nerve endings inside the pulp is not only the pain receptors and positioning receptors, so patients tend to differentiate between what is Bingya unclear, but sometimes the pain is felt under the toothache. If the development of dental caries pulpitis, when pain is more intense, showing tenderness, heat stimulation to increase, and cold stimulation can ease pain, patients often prefer this with a cold. Further development to the root inflammation, the patient feels teeth tall, with Bingya not bite.

Periodontal disease

Periodontal disease can cause two different kinds of pain. The most common is chewing pain. As the periodontal tissue inflammation, periodontal pocket suppuration, leaving patients bite is very painful. Another cause of pain and dental caries pulpitis similar. Mainly because when the teeth are very loose, the bacteria from the periodontal pocket to reach the end of the root of the root end of the hole, and then the root end of the hole into the pulp cavity caused by pulpitis and pain.

Wedge-shaped defects and abrasion

The elderly because the teeth have been used for decades, tooth occlusal surface of teeth and tooth wear neck defects are quite serious, when the teeth occlusal surface wear and neck defects close to or reach the pulp, the mouth’s bacteria can enter the tooth tissue caused by pulpitis, periapical inflammation, tissue inflammation or swelling of facial software, causing pain.


Teeth sometimes difficult to find very fine cracks, when the crack depth to the dentin close to the pulp, often caused by pulpitis. Sometimes Characteristics of deciduous dental caries microcracks along the root apical direction for expansion, can occur periodontal infection or periodontal pocket formation, causing toothache.

In addition to wisdom teeth pericoronitis, abnormal central tip, lingual fossa malformations, dental hypoplasia, trauma can also cause toothache. Face adjacent organs such as maxillary sinusitis, temporomandibular joint disease, refractive errors, as well as trigeminal neuralgia, glossopharyngeal neuralgia often involves, radiation to the teeth, some people thought it was a pain, misdiagnosed.

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