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Let a smile be greatly reduced tooth deformity

Experts say the teeth due to a congenital deformity stunned factors, such as maternal malnutrition, and genetic factors and, more importantly, the acquired factors. Such as when children suffering from rickets, calcium deficiency, lack of sufficient milk feeding, and inadequate nutrition lead to tooth loss, acquired permanent teeth missing teeth; or bad habits such as sucking the lower lip, cheek Dental Equipment sucking, sucking head, sucking pacifier and so on, all aspects of the deformity caused by dental; is a disease caused by some fault of deformity, so that after the formation of permanent disorder, dislocation, malalignment and so crowded.

Correction of malocclusion does not cause any harm?

First, the impact of face beauty. To mandibular prominent example, because blocking the development of the maxillary anterior teeth and so the difference between the upper and lower jaw length increasing, the final result was jaw protrusion, facial depressions, and thus the cheek is too long or too short a direct impact on the face of coordination. There maxillary protrusion, open lips, teeth, these will affect the appearance to the face.

Followed by dysfunction. For example, less than the upper and lower front teeth bite together, resulting pronunciation is unclear, especially in dental development is unclear, the children talking, singing all the way. Serious Malocclusion, because chewing has a prejudice. Severe malocclusion, as between the upper and lower teeth when chewing then do little or no contact with the surface, will reduce Teeth Whitening Tips chewing function, secondary to digestive dysfunction.

The third is health. Crowded teeth missing, is not correct, easy to impaction of food debris, but also difficult to clean thoroughly, often caused by chronic inflammation, swelling and bleeding, resulting in gingivitis, periodontitis, loose teeth, or even fall off. Serious dislocation of teeth or tongue, lip and cheek irritation sometimes caused by ulcers.

The correction of malocclusion in the permanent teeth replacement is completed, that is 11 years old – 18 years. However, some abnormalities, such as the anterior crossbite, mandibular prognathism, with the abnormal growth and development will increase, so the period of deciduous teeth, dentition can be treatment, that is 3 years old -10 years old. This period of treatment with a simple treatment with fixed appliance, or other para-medical use, and 2 months to 6 months can receive good treatment.

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