What is Ectopic Eruption? Diagnosis and Treatments

Ectopic eruption is a dental disorder in which a tooth follows an abnormal eruption pattern ultimately breaking through an incorrect position on the gums. Different studies and literature conducted by dentists in Diamond Bar have revealed that this abnormality in teeth eruption is found in the first permanent molars, mostly in the maxillary molars.


Visible trapped mesial marginal ridge of the emerging molar

Asymmetrical development of the teeth

Mesially tipped permanent molars

Premature primary molar’s mobility

Factors Contributing to the Problem

Different researches and studies have revealed that the abnormality occurs due to the deficiency of growth in the jaw or segment of jaw, due to which a permanent tooth erupts through a part that stops a primary tooth development resulting in its premature loss that provides a consequent malposition of the permanent tooth. According to Diamond Bar dentists, if not treated on time, the ectopic eruption may become the reason of arch length, providing improper space for the succedaneous premolar and malocclusion. Other causes of ectopic eruption for the first molar are reported to be cleft lift/ or palate, abnormal position of eruption for the first molar, larger first permanent molar and adjacent deciduous second molar, posteriorly positioned maxilla relative to the cranial base, maxillary atresia, premature eruption of the first molar, asynchrony between the eruption of the maxillary first permanent molar and maxillary tuberosity growth.


This kind of ectopic eruption occurs due placement of permanent canine in the middle position ultimately becoming impacted in the palate or impacting on the roof of the lateral incisor. The distal tipping of the lateral incisor crown is a clinical indicator for this kind of dental disorder.


This kind of eruption occurs due to the formation of a solid bond between the root and the bone. The dental disorder is seen in the mandibular molars and in the teeth which are affected by the traumatic injuries.


The dentists in Diamond Bar assess the eruption through radiographic examination which may include – bite wing radiographs or panoramic radiographs. An ectopic eruption is reported in a first molar when radiographic examination shows superposed image impaction on the roof of the deciduous second molar. To avoid the complexities of treatments, a patient should undergo the radiographic examination as it can diagnose the abnormality before the eruption of the tooth. The radiographs for the cuspid ectopic eruption are – panoramic, periapical and occlusal.


The treatments vary according to the type of ectopic eruptions, for first permanent molar eruption the treatment involves;

Using separating elastics, brass ligature wire or orthodontic appliance to distalize the first molar.

Contouring the middle line of the second primary molar.

Pulling out the second primary molar and insertion of a distalizing appliance.

Treatment for Cuspid

Extraction of primary cuspid

Orthodontic lassoing of the permanent cuspid

All kinds of treatments for different ectopic eruptions are meant to guide the affected teeth into a more suitable path of eruption to restore a perfect dental alignment, preserve arch length and proper dental functionality. Treatments also vary with the severity of impaction. Elastic orthodontic separators are useful in guiding the impacted molars. For severe ectopic eruptions, Diamond Bar dentists can use complex treatments which may include potential extraction of the anteriorly affected tooth, removable or fixed appliances, or surgical realignment.

The dentists in Diamond Bar always recommend regular dental checkups to avoid the complexities.

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