When Does One Have The Wisdom Teeth And What Are They?

The wisdom teeth are the teeth that one has when he or she has attained the maturity age. The teeth are type of molars that are located at the farthest part of one’s mouth and are the last that grows in the mouth. The wisdom teeth help in completing the 32 set of human teeth. When the teeth are removed they do not grow again and it involves the intervention of a dentist to help in the removal process. When the teeth are growing one feels a certain pain that is unbearable to some people making them to visit the dentist to get some help.

There are those that grow in a way that the other teeth are affected. This leads to their removal so that the other teeth may stay well and avoid the gum from being affected. They appear when one is in the age of 17 and 25 but other people develop them later which depend with the type of diet that one has.  When the teeth are not painful and are well aligned they are not removed as no problem is being caused by them.  The only thing that is needed for them is to be cleaned regularly to make them remain as healthy as possible maintain the hygiene of the mouth. Most people experience a lot of trouble in cleaning them unless one has a toothbrush that will clean them thoroughly. The cleaning done by the dentist will prevent the bacteria from growing in that area causing the other teeth to be affected and the gum too.

What is Root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment is a treatment that is offered to a tooth that has a dent in it instead of total removal of it. It treats the infections that are at the centre of the tooth.  Te infection may be brought by a tooth decay which makes the tooth to be very painful. The affected tooth is first cleaned so that the bacteria are removed and later refilled with a bridge that is cemented on the tooth. The bridge makes the tooth to be whole preventing it from getting more bacteria and the food particles to remain in the dent. One is given an anesthetic which will prevent the person from feeling any pain.  The process has been known to be the best when done by a dentist who is well trained but there are these that have failed where the bridge comes out after some weeks of refilling. The recovery process needs a lot of acre especially when brushing the teeth so that the bridge cannot be removed before it is healed.  Hard foods should not be eaten for the specified period of time by the dentist.

The importance of root canal treatment

The importance of having a root canal treatment is that the teeth will be cleaned and the bacteria fought away with. The teeth are not removed which prevents the person form being toothless. The procedure may be expensive but it is more advisable for one to undergo than teeth extraction. This will help one’s teeth to last for long.

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Root canal treatment http://rawsondental.com.au/dental-information-epping-dentist/root-canal-therapy – is being preferred by many people nowadays as it helps them to have their teeth for long without becoming toothless. The  http://rawsondental.com.au/epping-dental-services/oral-surgery-wisdom-teeth-extraction wisdom teeth should be taken care of so that no problem can be brought by them to the rest of the teeth and consultation should be done from a dentist before removing them.

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