When is a Tooth Extraction Recommended? How to Aftercare it?

Tooth extraction is perhaps, the last solution that a dentist recommends because these days, the fast invention of new equipment and techniques has provided different solutions for damaged and decayed tooth that involves veneers, crowns, dental fillings, root canaling and much more. However, tooth extraction is recommended, when a tooth gets severely damaged due to decay and causes severe pain and discomfort.

The dentist in Diamond Bar CA also recommends tooth pulling for an impacted wisdom tooth, as this is the ultimate solution to get rid of pain and irritation. Extracting impacted wisdom tooth is also necessary because the less space on the gums creates problems for the nearby teeth and loosing this wisdom tooth does not affect your eating or grinding process in any way.

In elderly people, teeth’s wiggling is common. When a specific tooth becomes very loose and does not get fixed even after a bone replacement surgery, the dentist recommends getting it pulled. In the similar way, in the children, who start losing their primary teeth at the age of 6 or seven years, tooth extraction is done when there is severe pain or discomfort. In general cases, primary teeth do not need to be pulled surgically; rather they fall down on their own in a specific order.

For whatever reasons you need to undergo a tooth extraction process, you should after-care it in a proper way for a quicker recovery and lesser discomfort.  Since tooth extraction is a painful process, a dentist will first apply an anesthesia on the affected area.


As the tooth extraction is done, your dentist will place cotton gauze on the operated area to quench bleeding. You need to replace this gauze as it gets soggy with the blood. Mostly a gauze works for 20 to 30 minutes. Do not place cotton gauze for a longer time period, because replacing it will damage your operated area by removing the clotted blood.

Apply Ice Wrapped in Cotton or Cloth

In case of swelling, you may use ice wrapped in cotton or cloth and apply it for 30 minutes continuously. Keep practicing, with a pause of thirty minutes until the swelling reduces.

Use Luke Warm Salted Water to Reduce Pain and Swelling

One very effective and simple method to reduce pain and swelling is to rinse your mouth with lukewarm salted water. All you need doing is to mix 1-teaspoon of salt in a half-glass of warm water. A dentist recommends rinsing your mouth with slightly warm salted water after 24 hours of tooth extraction.

Use Recommended Pain Killers

Your dentist may also prescribe you some pain killers which are advised to be taken in case of severe pain.

Add Soft and Liquid Foods in Your Diet

You cannot take in hard food immediately after undergoing tooth extraction; therefore, include liquid and soft food in your diet such as gelatin, pudding or ice-cream and soup so that you may not have to suffer any pain or discomfort. However, as the surgery recovers, you can add solid foods slowly.

Visit Your Dentist

You need to visit your Diamond Bar dentist after every three or four days or when there is a pain or discomfort.  The dentist will tell you about the recovery and may change the prescription after observing the condition of your operated area.

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