Why should you take care of baby teeth

You should understand the importance of baby teeth for the further development of the permanent teeth and their health. For some parents baby teeth are of no importance because of the fact that they will fall and other teeth will take their place. But this is wrong because the carelessness of such parents may lead to problems with the teeth and poor oral hygiene.

If you think that the first teeth appear when you can see them drilled, you are wrong. Actually, teeth form while the baby is still in the womb of its mother. Later they develop and the first teeth drill when the baby is one year old. The occurrence of the teeth is related to many problems and you should be prepared for this. The gums of the baby start irritating it and it puts different objects in its mouth in order to decrease this irritation. Of course, the drilling of the first baby teeth is different in different children-some of them may refuse to eat, others may cry a lot, third can even have high temperature. If you notice that your child is irritated more than normally you should consult your doctor.

The cares of the baby teeth should begin even before the occurrence of the first teeth. The baby oral hygiene includes a method that is not dangerous and much effective-the use of wet gauze for cleaning the baby gums after meals. You should do it in circular movements in order to stimulate the blood circulation of the gums. This will have much pleasant effect and will relax the baby from the irritations.

As you know, the baby teeth are milky and they are easily decayed. In order to escape the unpleasant moments of crying you should take your child to dentist as often as possible. It is good to make the first visitation to the dentist when all the teeth occur in the baby’s mouth. And since then you should take your child at least three times a year to the dentist. In this way you will teach it not to be scared of the dentist and at the same time you will prevent its teeth from caries.

You should use the fact that the baby tries to imitate you in every way in order to teach it how to brush its teeth. You should come into the bathroom with it and slowly brush your teeth in front of the child. In this way it will learn quite easily how to do it right.

It is not a problem if you do not use toothpaste during the first brushing of the child’s teeth. The toothpaste should be appropriately chosen and can be used when the child is 4-5 years old.

To read more about baby teeth (or as the Danes usually say hvor mange mælketænder) and their importance, make sure you visit this website. Another interesting article on that subject you can read here.

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