Wisdom is to pull or not pull

Many people are under the face of this problem is not resolved, tooth extraction is a lot of people are afraid of things, so a lot of people would rather endure the pain of wisdom tooth inflammation, but also unwilling to tooth extraction. Usually in these cases, the doctor will recommend patients with wisdom teeth pulled.

Lack of space: the history of the evolution of wisdom teeth in humans, belongs to the passage of state, so the arch is also getting smaller and smaller space shortage is very common to germinate when the most able to feel swelling and pain. Many people can not stand this pain, wisdom teeth pulled.

Violations of the adjacent teeth: Patients usually do not know who learned X-ray diagnosis by a dentist. Wisdom teeth due to the lack of germination of space, but will fall on the second molar, resulting in the second molar difficult to clean, even teeth absorb part of the phenomenon, result in patient discomfort or toothache. This happens, it is recommended that the removal of wisdom teeth.

Mentioned is not on the teeth: in front of, not everyone has four wisdom teeth President Qi. Therefore, the opposite of wisdom teeth, if not compete wisdom teeth to bite, then sometimes wisdom How to do the deciduous teeth excessive germination, thereby affecting occlusion.

The clean is not easy: due to lack of space relations, wisdom teeth often grow crooked, teeth clean may cause difficulties, so as to cause tooth decay phenomenon. In order to prevent wisdom tooth decay, it is recommended that early wisdom tooth extraction.

Tooth Decay: If the wisdom tooth decays, in addition to deep the occlusal surface of tooth decay can fill, those interproximal tooth decay, and decay very deep even need root canal treatment should be recommended to unplug, put an end to the troubles.

Impacted teeth: This is usually the most annoying kind of dentist will find it hard to get, but the patient may not have the feeling, so easily overlooked. This type of teeth, usually buried in the inside of the alveolar bone, if the pain How to deal with wisdom teeth or the diagnosis will have lesions occur, you need to be uprooted.

Not to pull wisdom teeth need to have the condition: location, is expected to the normal eruption of wisdom teeth. Wisdom Teeth soft tissue inflammation and pain history, wisdom teeth, no caries; teeth, jaw and occlusion.

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