Wisdom Tooth Removal Treatment Procedure

Wisdom teeth grow at the back of the gums and are the last teeth grow. Usually there are 4 wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth grow through the gums during late teens or early twenties. There may be not enough room for the proper growth of wisdom teeth due to a lack of space.

Impacted wisdom teeth

Dental problems can be caused by teeth that have not completely broken through the gum surface . Food can get trapped around the edges of the wisdom teeth, causing building up of plaque and bacterial infection, which can lead to tooth decay, infection, gum disease or other problems

The best pain relief treatment advice

This can be used to save you from having wisdom teeth removed or used to relieve pain and speed up the healing process after wisdom teeth extraction or removal.

Scenar treatment is by far the most effective way to relieve wisdom teeth pain also using an anti acid diet

Do my wisdom teeth need to be removed?

See your Dentist in Dwarka if you experience severe pain from your wisdom teeth. Your can then check your teeth and give advise as to whether they should to be removed. If wisdom teeth are impacted and there is no sign of disease present, your teeth do not need to be removed. There is no proven benefit by removing healthy wisdom teeth.

The removal procedure

X rays of your wisdom teeth will be taken to determine if they should to be removed. After Wisdom teeth removal there may be some swelling and discomfort.. This can feel very painful or sore for three days and this can last up to two weeks.The jaw may feel stiff and sore and there may be bruising on your face which will gradually disappear, even so it may take two weeks to go completely. There may also be some neck pain due to force needed to remove the teeth.Get Your Procedure Done by One of Our Best Dental Doctor.

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