Young people are a high risk of dental trauma

Young people in physical, physiological, psychological growth and maturity stage, physical activity is most vigorous, active particularly strong, more like intense, exciting movement, poor awareness of the risk of exercise, poor sense of protection, dental trauma, much higher than other stages, is a high risk of dental trauma.

Minor dental trauma we may have no obvious symptoms, or only the upper and lower teeth bite was timely meet, the teeth may occur in severe pain. In the absence of tooth shape on the damage, so often we are ignored. However, dental injury, regardless of the severity of the injury will cause varying degrees of pulp hyperemia and edema of the apical pulp tissue. Therefore, the teeth have broken even if no Dental Instruments injury to the hospital to be checked.

If trauma to the teeth with tooth displacement, we do not easily shake hands, to seek immediate medical attention if the teeth completely off, you should pay close attention, the following approach:

Dislocation of the teeth as dental trauma should be immediately put into place, if not immediately reset to find the lost teeth, try not to dirty it. If the fall of the tooth has been dirty, it can be gently washed with water nearby look, do not pinch the crown to hold the root, it is worth noting that washing can not be cleaned by hand or cloth teeth, lost teeth can not paper, dry cloth or cotton wrapped to prevent damage to the periodontal ligament. Should be lost teeth on the salt water, milk or saliva with the tongue, to the hospital. In general, the complete dislocation of the teeth, if they can be reset within half an hour, 90% long-term survival in the estuary to stay more than What is the healing of extraction record two hours of teeth, life will be significantly reduced.

For dental trauma, usually difficult to foresee, therefore, the only effective way is usually best to be careful when activities, in addition, for those who like boxing, Sanda, baseball, football, basketball and other sports the best use of dental care for young people care to protect and care for the entrance wearing a denture tooth injury prevention and effective cavity protection, can prevent jaw fractures, temporomandibular joint protection can also prevent or slow the force of traumatic brain injury department.

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